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Harriette’s Knit Knook!

This is a REALLY hard thing to have to do........after what I realize is months of silence on my part, I have news and information, none of which is easy to share with you all.....
First, my absence of commentary is mostly due to the worsening of my husband's illness early last year. In the ensuing months, I've had to spend more and more time as full-time nurse and it resulted in absolute neglect of my business.....from the upkeep of this site to the store itself. I'm sure many of you wondered if I was open or apologies for not at least putting a note in here to explain what was going on.

Ron died in August and since then it's been a "catch-up if you can" situation. I can't.....and so, very reluctantly, I'll be closing the Knit Knook later in January of 2015. I know there are a lot of you that will protest my decision, but with the cut in income and the business itself slowing perceptibly over the last couple of years, I just can not continue.

I would sincerely like to have someone come in and just buy it "as is" so we can continue to have a yarn shop in Madison. If anyone's interested, please call or come in........Or, if you know of anyone!!! I'm not leaving the area and would be available to help in whatever capacity the new owner would consider!

As time goes on, I will be announcing specials and sales directly from the web-site and Face-book!

So here's the first one that's effective today, December11, 2014! ALL yarn and books are on sale at 25% off! ALSO....a good share of our finished items is also under the 25% off banner!!! Come see the hand-knits....and even some gorgeous vintage knits that are being offered for sale!

See you soon!!!